How can Telomerase Activation Help You Stay Younger?

Telomerase Activation

About Telomerase Activation: Telomerase is an enzyme in the human body that has the ability to protect the Telomeres. Telomeres are at each end of the DNA helix chain on each chromosome and are similar to the ends of a shoelace in that they prevent the DNA helix strand from fraying. The Telomeres are also where cell replication takes place and replacing cells correctly and frequently is a critical part of staying healthy longer and reducing the effects of aging. So how do you know this isn’t just another fountain of youth scheme that is big on promises and short on results? Well, it is backed by scientific research evidence and empirical evidence as well. There are a number of pieces of evidence that link together to support this information about the beneficial effects of telomerase detailed below to help you understand this beneficial telomerase activation process.
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How does telomerase activation take place?

Telomerase is a naturally occurring enzyme in the human body. To gain the beneficial effects from telomerase it needs activation. A simple capsule containing highly pure telomerase has been developed to stimulate telomerase activation.
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What does telomerase activate have to do with staying young?

The change in the Telomeres, before and after telomerase activation, can be scientifically measured. When the telomerase enzyme is activated, the Telomeres either stay longer and more fully functioning or actually lengthen to increase function similar to what is seen in a younger person. Scientists have discovered that when telomeres shorten they cause incomplete cell replication, when the telomeres are longer they create new cells correctly and more frequently and cell replication is all about staying healthy and staying younger.
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Can I get my Telomeres Measured so I know if Telomerase Activation is Working for me?

Absolutely, measuring telomeres is part of a treatment protocol where patients take capsules of Telomerase to stimulate the enzyme activation. The telomeres are measured at the beginning of the protocol and at 6 month intervals. Scientific studies where the telomeres are measured have demonstrated that telomeres either stay longer or actually lengthen. In turn longer telomeres support frequent and correct cell replication, which keeps you healthier and younger.

You can take advantage of this scientific discovery and turn back the clock to stay younger and healthier for a longer period of time by participating in the protocol for telomerase activation. You can find more information about this protocol at

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